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Unified Communications Solutions for Enterprises (150+)

Hosted Communications Platform

Enterprise business grade takes your business to the next level including over 200 Hosted PBX features expanding geographic reach and personnel productivity worldwide. Our Hosted communications is unmatched in reliability and provides unlimited scalability as your enterprise and customers will come to expect of Broad-Connect's Enterprise business grade service.

Powerful Services to Drive your Business

Whenever there is a demand, expansion, or capacity issue Broad-Connect is here for you. We will unify your systems to increase productivity, add call centres to improve efficiency, and integrate Outlook and Salesforce to bridge CRM relationships. Best of all your enterprise business can inherit all of these added value benefits, services that a traditional premise based system simply cannot deliver and it can do so without incurring huge infrastructure costs.

Success & Reliability

A catastrophic event can cripple and bring an enterprise to its knees. Broad-Connect is located at 151 Front St., Toronto, which houses the nation's most prominent telecommunication providers. Furthermore, our private network enables you to recover quickly in the event of a disaster, provides superior redundancy, and has the advantage of knowledgeable customer service staff available 24/7.

Simplify &
Lower Costs

Enterprises operating on a global scale often expand their business opportunities in the event of an acquisition or merger which can result in the inheritance incompatible infrastructure and multiple service providers. Broad-Connect will seamlessly simplify your Enterprise into a single unified communications system for a fraction of the cost.

What to Look for in Business Phone Systems Suited for Enterprises

With a enterprise of 150 - 400 employees or more, you want a communications solution, not just a phone system. It must be designed to handle the requirements of your active business. You want a UC system that scales to support multiple sites and remote connectivity, with redundancy and options to support multiple offices and peer systems together.

  • Advanced Peering

    On a SPOC PBX, dialing an extension number gets you to your employees phone whether they are across the hall or across the world. With shared presence information, you'll know who's available before picking up the phone, and custom status messages can help to keep your coworkers in the know. It's all standards-based so you can even integrate with your favorite chat client or presence server.

  • Mobility

    The mobile workforce can be the lifeblood of enterprise. Supporting remote workers with applications for iPhones, Android or Blackberry devices is key. This allows your employees to take their office on the road and still enjoy advanced features like the Switchboard call control panel, wherever they are.

  • Redundancy

    With redundant power supplies and RAID-1 hard disk mirroring, the larger SPOC PBX appliances have the features built in to keep your system up and running with a minimum of down time. For business-critical applications adding a redundant appliance keeps you working.

  • Best Value

    Enterprises benefit from SPOC PBX because it is a full-featured unified communications system. However, getting a system that meets your needs at a compelling price point is often a challenge as businesses shop for larger phone systems. SPOC has a simple, "all features included" pricing model. While other vendors may charge you extra for queues, conferencing, and IVRs, these all come standard with SPOC and are included in the base price.

Why Choose SPOC Business?

The SPOC business phone system makes every business better: more professional, more efficient and more profitable.

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Keep Your Current Phone Number

Local Number Portability (LNP) is the ability to transfer one's phone number from one local phone company's switch equipment to another local phone company's switch equipment.

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