How Can a Phone System Give You a Competitive Advantage

How Can a Phone System Give You a Competitive Advantage

To better understand the specific role of UC within any organization, but in particular that of a Small to Medium-size Business (SMB), consider this list of "must-haves." For most business owners seeking a new telecommunications solution, when these requirements are met, they have built-in benefits as a result that add up to significant savings in upfront costs, as well as reduced ongoing maintenance costs. Research from analysts confirm that there are common expectations businesses have when upgrading or investing in a new UC solution. A telephony solution must:

Be Reliable:

Your phone system is your primary communications tool. You need to know that the phone system will work, because downtime can cost your business valuable dollars. 

Improve Brand:

Many SMBs shopping for a new phone system would prefer to "look bigger" to customers. A new phone system offers features that can help make you appear like a larger business, even if you are small. It means you can deliver a polished and slick customer experience, letting your phone system make the best first impression for every call.

Offer Interoperability:

It should integrate with and support current software packages (CRMs and other third-party solutions) and workflow processes to complent, or help, current operations. Equally desirable is for the UC solution to be compatible with existing hand-sets (IP phones) and other infrastructure to further save installation costs. 

Save Money:

Not only do SMBs expect a good value on purchasing a phone system, they also want to see a strong Return on Investment (ROI). Usually, this means a phone systems that provides some type of savings that makes the investment worthwhile, or eventually helps pay for it.

Provide Seamless Communications:

SMBs want modern phone systems to provide a seamless, unified experience throughout the company, regardless of industry type, company size, and number of locations.

Be Future-proof:

Anytime businesses make an investment in a new phone system, it's important that it not only support existing employees and company size, but that it be easily expandable to support future growth potential. 

Be Flexible, Customizable:

Most SMBs need a business phone system to meet a basic set of priorities. These will vary by business, but some of the more popular requests include: 

  • Enable implementation of a mobile strategy than includes seamless UC using mobile devices, tablets, IM (Instant Message), VM (VoiceMail), social media, follow- me technology, and email
  • Provide programmable call routing, call queues, and ring groups so calls can be directed to designated departments or call centers rather than bombarding a busy receptionist
  • Accommodate a live operator during business hours, but utilizing an auto-attendant after hours and on holidays
  • Support video conferencing and/or teleconferencing
  • Provide reporting functionality for call efficiency
  • Save money on long distance calling

The adoption of UC solutions by SMBs is being driven by far more than a current trend in the marketplace. UC is a business communications solution that meets critical business needs for organizations of all sizes.