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Advantages of Unified Communications for Small Businesses ( 50)

UC Solutions for Businesses with Less Than 50 Employees

Small businesses face unique challenges when searching for a phone system that supports between 5 - 50 users. You want the features to make you effective at an affordable price point. You also need a system that will help you grow with your business. Whether you are a family owned specialty shop, a growing services provider or an agile startup, SPOC PBX meets your communications needs.

  • Mobility

    With SPOC PBX, you have the ability to take your office with you wherever you go. It keeps things simple no matter where you are.You can receive calls to your office number on any phone, even your mobile phone. Work from home or on the road - you can stay connected and never miss a call.

  • Best Value

    Value can be of the highest importance for small businesses. You want to be sure you are getting the most for your investment. Can your phone system make you more productive? Will it integrate with your existing network and software systems? With a solid communications foundation you'll gain more customers and make more sales per customer. Find out more about how SPOC PBX is the best value in the SMB market.

  • On-Premise or Hosted?

    An important decision for small businesses is, "Should I go with a premises or cloud-based solution?" An on-premise solution gives you control of your own appliance and the equipment is located on site., A hosted solution is available as a service, so the system is maintained for you. This frees you from system management and lowers IT costs by hosting your equipment in the cloud. There are advantages to both solutions, so the right solution may be related to your decisions about operating expenses or capital expenses.

  • All Features Included

    SPOC has a simplified pricing model, and all features are included. This means you don't get charged for costly add-ons for the features you need. For one simple price, you get voicemail, fax, music on hold, conferencing, call queues, IVRs, mobility, presence and more. See a full list of SPOC PBX features.

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