Keep You Current Phone Number

Keep Your Current Phone Number

Local Number Portability (LNP) is the ability to transfer one's phone number from one local phone company's switch equipment to another local phone company's switch equipment.

Can I port my phone number?

Yes, you can port your Local number from your Phone Company, to Broad-Connect's IP Network.

How do I port my phone number?

  • Download our Letter of Authorization (LOA) Form.
  • Print out the LOA, sign and date the form.
  • Send the Completed LOA form to your Account Rep.

How long will the porting process take?

Porting your number will take a 10 - 12 Business Days, upon receipt of the completed and correct paperwork. Depending on the complexity of the order, the porting interval may vary.

What happens while my number is being ported?

During the number port process we provide you a temporary number so that you can begin to use our service and all of its features immediately. This way you will not need to depend on your former phone company while the port takes place. When your number is ported your temporary phone number will automatically become inactive.

What happens if my number cannot be ported?

If we cannot port your number, you may choose to get a new number in your area or elsewhere. Alternatively you may decide to keep your existing phone number with minimal service and add another number that will help you save big on outgoing calls.

Can I port my cell phone or wireless number?

Yes, you can port your cellular phone number from any of the Canadian Mobile Providers to the Broad-Connect IP Network.

Is there any downtime during porting?

No, porting takes only a few seconds and can be done without service interruption.