Digium Features


Digium Phones on SPOC PBX

SPOC PBX includes over 20 traditional and advanced calling features, giving you the flexibility to work anywhere, be more responsive to your customers, and keep ahead of the competition.

Basic Features

  • Auto Attendant

    An auto-attendant is a pre-recorded "menu" system that can be used to direct callers to different departments or employees within your company.

  • Business Hour Rules

    Easily set the days and times during which callers can reach your staff via phone. You can use Business Hour Rules to create different phone call behaviours based on day and time.

  • Call Blocking

    Easily block your caller ID information from being displayed to the party you are calling. This feature is helpful when you wish to temporarily mask caller ID for privacy reasons.

  • Call Display / Caller ID

    This feature lets you see the name and number of the person calling you before you answer. You can also use this feature to display your company's name and phone number when you call out.

  • Call Forwarding

    Call Forwarding lets you forward your extension to a cell phone, regular telephone or another employee. When you leave the office, you can forward your extension and receive your calls anywhere.

  • Call Parking

    With this feature, you can "park" a call in a virtual location, and allow any other extension to pick up the call later. This is particularly useful when the call is for a staff member who is not immediately available.

  • Call Recording

    Call Recording is possible using one of two methods. You can use a soft phone to quickly and selectively record calls you make or receive. Read More. For the second method, see the Optional Feature Call Recording, server-side.

  • Company Phone Directory

    You can set up a company-wide phone directory which lists the names and numbers of commonly called vendors, clients, or staff. To use this feature, select 'Administration' and then 'Phone Directory' from our web portal.

  • Conference Calling

    Connect staff or clients together so that you can hold team meetings or demonstrations. Our VoIP phones natively support up to three parties on a conference call.Read More. For a larger number of conference participants, consider our Conference Bridge service.

  • Department Ring Groups

    Multiple people in a department can receive incoming calls at the same time. If a customer was trying to contact the sales department you could have any number of phones ring at once. Call labels are commonly used with this feature.

  • Direct Dial Numbers

    Perfect for employees who wish to have customers reach them directly, without having to call the company's main phone number. When someone calls this number they will be connected immediately or get Voicemail if the employee is unavailable.

  • Employee Status Indicators

    Employee status indicators show you whether a particular person is on the phone or receiving a call. This feature will work regardless of where your staff are physically located.

  • Employee Mobility

    Employees can work from anywhere with Easy Office Phone's Hosted PBX - from home, on a cell phone, at a hotel or another office. Calls can be sent to multiple locations at once, meaning you can answer no matter where you are at the moment.

  • Find Me / Follow Me

    Find-Me / Follow-Me lets you select multiple locations to dial when someone calls you. If you were to specify a cell phone, your office business phone and a telephone at another branch office the system will call all these telephones at the same time.

  • Follow Me Human Check

    Calls prompts you to accept or decline a call by entering a digit. This feature prevents personal voicemails on cell phone or home phone from accidentally accepting business calls.

  • Free Calls Between Staff

    You can make free calls to other employees simply by dialing their extension. It does not matter where that employee is located - you will not have to pay long distance charges or incur any type of cost.

  • Hunt Groups

    A hunt group is a list of employees that should be called when a caller chooses a department. The customer is first placed on hold with music and then the system begins to "hunt" for someone to answer the call.

  • Keep Your Phone Numbers

    Transfer your established numbers when you switch to our service. We can transfer numbers from most areas throughout North America, with no interruption in service. To determine whether your numbers are portable, please speak to your Easy Office Phone representative.

  • Live Call Transfers

    A live extension transfer allows you to transfer callers from one employee to another, or even to an outside phone number. For instance you can transfer a customer to a technical person at one of your suppliers.

  • Message Waiting Indicators

    The message waiting indicator is a light which flashes on your phone whenever you have a voicemail waiting for you. You will also hear a broken dial tone when using the telephone which lets you know that you have a message waiting. You can check voicemail in a variety of ways

  • Multiple Phone Lines

    Unlike traditional telephone systems, our plans allow you to add as many lines as you like, with no need to change your network infrastructure. Easily scale with our Hosted PBX service and pay only for the capacity you need.

  • Multiple Phone Numbers

    Our Hosted PBX allows you to have as many phone numbers as you like. Offer customers in specific regions a local number so that they can reach you without calling long-distance. Each number can have a unique greeting and call flow.

  • On Hold Music

    While callers are waiting to be connected to a department or are waiting on hold for the next available representative they can hear music or promotional messages.

  • Paging & Intercom

    The Paging/Intercom feature allows you to use the built in speaker of your telephone broadcast your voice to other staff. SPOC PBX easily integrates with all warehouse paging and overhead systems to leverage any existing loudspeaker infrastructure.

  • Door Phones

    Door phones integrated into a phone system allow for delivery personnel to phone in from the door and let you know they have arrived. Ideal for all warehouse location, multilevel offices and installations where visitors needs to be screened. Also useful when combined with Business hour rules where with a push of a button delivery personnel can reach warehouse manager on their cellphone after hours.

  • Soft Phones

    A soft phone is a telephone that runs on your computer using a headset. It allows you to make and receive calls from any location, using your computer.

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Traditional telephone systems only allow you to receive a limited number of calls based on initial capacity or the PBX and hard line availability. SPOC PBX can scale up or down, without ever having to replace the system or buy additional licences.

  • Voicemail

    Each employee in your organization gets their own mailbox and you can create mailboxes for specific departments or products. Each employee can record their own unavailable greeting and store up to 50 voicemail messages at a time.

  • Voicemail Notifications

    A voicemail notification lets an employee or a group of employees immediately know when a new voicemail has been left for them. We offer "Message Waiting" indication and also more advanced forms of notification, such as Voicemail to E-mail (see below).

  • Voicemail to Email

    Receive voicemail notification via e-mail, pager, smartphone and on your telephone (message waiting indicator). Voicemails can also be received as attachments in your e-mail box which you can listen to through your speakers.

Advanced and Enterprise Features

  • Call Labels

    This feature allows staff to see in advance which department or product a caller chooses from the menu, and then answer with an appropriate greeting. Ex: "Thank you for requesting a product sample - can i start with your name."

  • Call Whispering

    Listen to calls for quality assurance or training purposes and speak to your staff without the other party being able to hear you. Great for whispering to new staff when they're on live calls.

  • Call Monitoring

    Monitor calls for quality assurance or training purposes. For instance, with this feature a new sales person could monitor calls from more experienced staff in order to build sales skills.

  • Call Recording

    Call Recording is possible using one of two methods. You can use a soft phone to quickly and selectively record calls you make or receive. Read More. For the second method, see the Optional Feature Call Recording, server-side.

  • Custom On Hold Music / Information

    While callers are waiting to be connected to a department or are waiting on hold for the next available representative they can hear music or promotional messages.

  • Online Call Records

    Use our web interface to easily track the details of incoming and outgoing calls, such as: date and time, who called your company, which of your staff placed outgoing calls, duration of each call, and much more.

  • Outlook Integration

    Easy integration with Outlook using the Bria Add-on which allows you to directly call contacts from Microsoft Outlook. This click to dial feature saves time without the need to look up a contact and dial the call manually.

  • Multiple Site Connectivity

    Ideal for businesses operating from multiple locations. Extension calling to remote offices, status visibility across sites etc. Great for Auto Groups, Distributed Fulfillment centers etc.

  • Telemarketer Guard

    Ideal for any business - a must for businesses receiving large number of telemarketing calls. This service is proven to reduce the number of future Telemarketing calls

  • Telephone Blacklists

    Build Blacklists and block calls based on custom defined criteria.

Custom Integration Options

  • Microsoft Exchange Integration

    Custom integration into Microsoft exchange is available so that voicemail is handled via email / outlook. This feature provides message transcoding and audio playback via email attachment. It also allows for outlook calendar and Outlook contacts based call routing where call rules are driven by Calendar status and/or contact proiority. See Microsoft exchange documentation for full feature list.

  • Microsoft Exchange Speech Recognition and IVR Prompts

    This integration enables Microsoft speech recognition as well as exchange based IVRs to be deployed in seconds via Exchange Management console

  • Microsoft LYNC Unified Messaging and Collaboration

    This integration option allows for LYNC clients to act as a soft phone in addition to being an IM client. No additional licensing is required if you already have Lync infrastructure in place.

  • Customer Database Integration (Call handling)

    Custom integrations to company databases allow for things like routing the customer call based on their account status. Ex: overdue accounts have to go to credit department before they can go to sales. Routing rules will be determined by your business needs.

  • Additional Custom Integrations Available

    We are able to integrate your phone system into the core of your business - whatever it may be. Please speak to us regarding your requirements and we will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Optional Features

  • Call Queuing

    Call queues are used when you have multiple customer calls but only a limited number of staff to answer these calls at any time.

  • Conference Bridge

    You can use this feature to host a large number of callers in a two-way conference, or also to host information sessions in which callers can join your conference call but can only listen to you make a presentation

  • International Numbers

    Add international telephone numbers to your account. Calls to your international virtual number can be answered from anywhere or be used with an automated attendant to direct callers to specific employees or departments. You can even have multiple Language support options based on the number dialed.

  • Additional Local Numbers

    You can have a Local number in every state/province where your business operates. Great alternative to TOLL FREE as it provides "Local presence" and it also allows for advanced call analytics's to realize your top markets.

  • Professional voice Recordings

    A professional sounding greeting or custom information on hold can make all the difference in the image you portray to your customers. We have professional voice artists who can create great sounding greetings which will give your telephone solution that polished sound. Prices vary by recording requirements; ask your representative for full details.

  • Toll-Free Service

    Do you have customers in areas that are physically far away from you? If so, and if you want to allow those customers to call you without ever incurring long-distance fees, consider our Toll-Free Service.