Business Wi-Fi

Get the fastest Wi-Fi connection for your employees and your customers.

SPOC implements a secure, efficient, and easy to use connection for your business. With our dual band Wi-Fi connection, you’re benefitted with 5Hz and 2.4GHz radio bands that result in optimal speeds.

With this high-speed Internet, you receive a Wi-Fi connection for both your business and your customers. Your business can now enjoy a highly protected connection while giving your customers a limited connection that they can enjoy.

Private Wi-Fi

Private Wi-Fi is an internal, private and secure wireless network for business employees. Employees can connect wirelessly to servers and other shared devices, like printers, as well as cloud applications and the Internet.

Public Wi-Fi

In addition to the Private wireless network, SPOC provides an Wi-Fi hotspot for the business’ patrons or Guests. With an Wi-Fi hotspot, all of your customers will be able to access the Internet.

Business Wi-Fi Benefits

Private and Public network setup on business level applications

A fast, secure private network to protect your business and a public network for customers

Consistent connection that keeps your business online and effective

Connect any device – desktops, laptops, smartphones, tables, … etc.

Make customers happy by giving them a reliable network to connect to

Save money! Stop using mobile data while you’re at work and connect your business Wi-Fi

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